The Promotional Mix and Integrated Marketing Communication process

Branden Lupinacci

April 14, 2022



According to Branden Lupinacci, the promotional mix includes all of the tools and methods that a company might use to engage with its target market. These include advertising, public relations, direct marketing, and selling to people on your own. If the company is trying to push or pull, the promotional mix might change. A lot of businesses use a mix of these things to reach their target customers. In spite of the fact that the internet and social media have broadened the reach of marketing communication, it is still limited to old-fashioned ways.

In order for marketing communication to be effective, everyone who has an interest in it must be on board. Consumers and workers must be a part of the communication process, and marketers must give them a way to give feedback. Unfortunately, a lot of big-scale marketing campaigns treat customers as if they aren’t real people. Consumers may be able to form an immediate connection with the brand and have the company respond more quickly to their feedback if they use a more effective marketing communication strategy. People who work in marketing should think about these things when they talk.

In the field of communication, marketers use a variety of ways to talk to people in order to get them to buy their products. There are many ways to use basic language to talk to a specific group of people. Phonetic symbolism, sound repetition, and pronunciation are just a few examples. These technologies make use of the cognitive effort that computers use to do things. Phonetic symbolism, for example, shows that sound can be used to communicate meaning even if it isn’t described. Consumers also watch TV commercials and read other written materials that are targeted at them in ads.

IMC stands for integrated marketing communications, and it is a way to manage a brand and make customers aware of it. Advertising, email marketing, and social media are just some of the marketing communications tasks that need to be worked together. When it comes down to it, customers are the ones who decide how well and how quickly marketing communications work and work well. As a result, it is important to look into how the receivers are involved in the communication process. The success of integrated marketing communications is influenced by many things. So, let’s look at these parts.

Branden Lupinacci thinks that marketing communication is very important for the social and economic system. Buying decisions are made by people who use this information, while businesses use marketing messages to sell goods and services. Effective marketing communication includes a lot of different ways to get products in front of customers and talk to people who might be interested in them. Advertising will undoubtedly be a part of the marketing communication mix for a long time. As you know, marketing communication can help a business.

Marketing’s job in communication is to turn company statements into real-life experiences for customers. It’s a shame that many businesses haven’t used integrated marketing communications because it’s meant to be customer-focused. These businesses are in direct marketing, public relations, and advertising. Take different ways to reach the same goal. They also pay attention to different parts of the client. These things should be combined in a simple way.

Persuasion is very important in business communication. It is important to remember that the main goal of marketing communication is to get people to buy something. To show how people are persuaded, use the “Elaboration Likelihood Model.” In this method, customers pay attention to, read, and think about the message before they make a decision. The core route of processing is used, for example, when people have a lot of say in what they buy.

Businesses in the marketing field must show people that their products and services are good. They need to show the benefits and value of their products and services to the people they want to reach. Print, the internet, and TV are all marketing communication channels. Marketing communications are used by businesses all the time to put their products in the minds of customers in general. Marketing communications can help build a brand image and set a company apart from its competitors by using the same message over and over again.

Marketing communications have become more and more disjointed as customers have become more selective and picky. If you don’t reach the people who used to watch or read your ads, they don’t have any value anymore. Furthermore, the old way of marketing communications hasn’t kept up with the new medium. Businesses are now more likely to use new communication tools and more targeted marketing strategies as a result. This new strategy is very important for the future of marketing.

Branden Lupinacci believes that marketing communication is crucial to the social and economic system. In the 1980s, families didn’t use any kind of media at all. Now, families use the internet more quickly than any other kind of media. Because of the rise of social media sites, people are texting and social networking on their cell phones, which is changing the way the media is made. Many businesses are moving more and more of their marketing budgets to digital media.